Summer is a great time in our state’s capital city. Warm weather, the students are gone, and the citizens of Madison can reclaim the downtown/campus area. Nobody appreciates Madison summers as much as beer drinkers, because there are so many great places to enjoy our state beverage outdoors. Here are our top 3 places to get a beer in Madison this summer:

1. Memorial Union Terrace

Memorial Union Terrace

Surprise, surprise. Unanimously considered one of Madison’s best outdoor hangout spots, and an icon of the city, the Union Terrace was a shoe-in for #1 on the list. With a great outdoor seating area, the terrace serves brats, Babcock Ice Cream, and a variety of beers on tap. Live music and a great view of Lake Mendota make it the perfect place to relax in summer.

2. Vintage Spirits & Grill

Vintage Spirits & Grill

Vintage has a nice bar inside, but even better is the outdoor seating area. On a busy corner of University Ave, Vintage is a prime spot on Monday nights where you can find some pretty good $1.00 Wisconsin taps after 9pm. Possibly the best late-night spot for people-watching, Vintage is a campus favorite that often gets an older crowd during the summer.

3. Great Dane Pub

Great Dane Pub

Great Dane has a nice selection of beer, four large rooms, and three bars to order from. But the best kept secret is Great Dane’s outdoor beer garden. Enter through the main entrance, go to the back of the bar, and you will find a staircase leading down to a large but secluded outdoor seating area, surrounded by stone walls and plants. There’s not much of a view, but it’s a nice place to spend some time with friends.


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Amanda on July 17th, 2014

The Wisconsin State Fair announced the 2014 Cheese Winners that took place on June 26th. is pleased to announce that several artisans participated and won awards in this contest. The contest featured 26 classes and nearly 350 entries for the contest. Check out some of our very own winning cheeses from Browse our entire cheese selection here.

The award winning Havarti Cheese by Decatur Dairy is a smooth and creamy delight produced by Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker, Steve Stettler. Two pound pieces of cheese are available in both plain and flavors including Dill, Pepper, Caraway, Black Olive and Horseradish. The Havarti Cheese also won an award at the 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest, capturing 3rd Place; the Dill Havarti took 2nd Place in the Flavored Havarti Class. Treat yourself or someone who appreciates the finest in cheese with this exceptional selection.


Brick Cheese by Zimmerman Cheese is a natural semi-soft cheese with a smooth open texture and milky white coloring. Our Brick Cheese is a top-quality artisan cheese with a mild, buttery and slightly salty flavor. Order 2 lb. or 3 lb. of Brick Cheese as a gift or for your own enjoyment. This cheese is available October through March only.



This Gouda Cheese Gift Box features UW Wisconsin Babcock Hall Dairy Store’s award-winning Holland Style Gouda. Gouda is a semi-soft mild and buttery cheese with a slightly nutty flavor. It melts smoothly and is a great addition to soups, casseroles, sliced apples, sandwiches, and cheese platters. You will receive two 1-lb. pieces of Gouda cheese packaged in a gift box.


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Aaron on July 10th, 2014

Show your Wisconsin pride this summer with one of these awesome t-shirts!

Wisconsin Badgers Brewers Packers T-ShirtThe Wisconsin Badgers Brewers Packers T-Shirt by All County Signs is the perfect attire for any Wisconsin sports fan. The t-shirt comes in four colors and features the combined 3 in 1 logo of the University of Wisconsin Badgers, Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers screen printed on the front. The Wisconsin Badgers Brewers Packers T-Shirt is a great gift for a birthday, holiday or other special occasion.


Badgers Don't Back Down Ladies T-ShirtThe Badgers Don’t Back Down Ladies T-Shirt by Green Ts is a tribute to the strength and perseverance of the Wisconsin Badgers. An outline of the state of Wisconsin, a fierce badger and the slogan are printed in black on the front. This high quality, pre-shrunk ladies t-shirt is available in red or gray. A perfect gift for any Wisconsin or Badger fan.



Madison Beer and Cheese Mens T-ShirtThe Madison Beer and Cheese Mens T-Shirt is a great way to show your love for Wisconsin’s capitol city. The design on the front shows the Madison skyline with a large glass of beer and a cheese wedge below the slogan: Madison, Wisconsin, Easy, Breezy, Beerzy, Cheesy! The heather green t-shirt by Green Ts features the design printed in yellow and white.


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Amanda on July 3rd, 2014

Summer is here! Why not try some of’s top Ice Cream picks! We have many flavors to choose from-even Blue Moon!  We even feature ice cream toppings. Check out our ice cream samplers, toppings, and more here. What a great way to stay cool this summer with these delicious ice cream flavors.


What is the Blue Moon Ice Cream Sampler? It is a Midwestern Favorite – a blue, fruity flavored ice cream. Enjoy 8 pints of the Blue Moon flavor from some of Wisconsin’s most popular ice cream makers. Depending on availability, your order will be filled with Blue Moon Ice Cream from a combination of the following Wisconsin brands – Chocolate Shoppe, Babcock Hall Dairy, Door County Ice Cream Factory, Blommer and Uncle Harry’s. Do your own taste testing experiments with the different brands of blue moon ice cream. A fun treat and a special gift for a birthday or any occasion!

Voted Best of Madison by Madison Magazine, the University of Wisconsin Babcock Dairy Ice Cream has been making the most popular flavors for over 90 years on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.  Select 4 flavors of Babcock Hall Ice Cream to be included in your variety pack: Blue Moon, Butter Pecan, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Mocha Macchiato, Orange Custard Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Union Utopia, and Vanilla.

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream is a super-premium ice cream made with rich, all natural, BGH-free Wisconsin cream. Select 4 pints of Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream to be included in your variety pack: Blue Moon, Black Licorice, Zanzibar Chocolate, Butter Pecan, Cinnamon, Coconut Almond, Cookie Dough, Espresso Oreo, Mackinac Island Fudge, Mint Avalanche, Old Fashioned Vanilla, Turtle, Ultimate Oreo, and Strawberry Cheesecake. Makes the perfect gift for any occasion!

And since we’re talking about Ice Cream, we can’t forget the toppings! The Ice Cream Topping Gift Box by R & R Homestead Kitchen is a quick, easy, and delicious gift idea for any occasion. Neatly packaged into a gift box are three of their most popular ice cream toppings: Hot Fudge (Gluten-free), Caramel Scotch and Bittersweet Mint. All of the ice cream toppings are prepared in small batches to ensure quality. A delicious gift idea!



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Amanda on June 19th, 2014

Check out some of’s most popular bratwursts. We have several different types of brats. Listed below are our customer favorites. You can’t go wrong with the famous State Street Brats, Sheboygan Brats, or Bavaria’s  Octoberfest Bratwurst Sampler 1 or Bratwurst Combo Box.  It’s time to fire up the grill!  Be sure to check out our entire bratwurst selection here.

State Street Brats are smoked red bratwurst from Klements. They are the bratwurst that is sold at State Street Brats (formerly Brathaus) in Madison, Wisconsin. State Street Brats contain no MSG and they are shipped frozen in a 10 pound box. Makes a great gift for all UW alums and University of Wisconsin Badger fans alike!


Sheboygan Brats will make a great addition to your family’s or friend’s next tailgate party. These fresh, authentic Sheboygan-style bratwursts by Glenn’s Market and Catering are some of the most savory traditional brats available. Sheboygan-style is a pork brat with a little sugar added to make this Bratwurst a little sweeter and also makes for quicker browning, so we recommend grilling them on a lower heat.


Bavaria’s Octoberfest Bratwurst Sampler 1 includes one 4 pack of Knackwurst, one 5 pack of pre-cooked Red Lager Beer Bratwurst, one 6 pack of Nurnberger Bratwurst, one 5 pack of Munich Weisswurst and one 5 pack of Smoked Beer Bratwurst. Approximately 5-6 lbs. This Octoberfest Bratwurst Sampler makes for the perfect German Oktoberfest grill out.


Bavaria’s Most Popular Bratwurst Combo Box includes 3 lbs. each of precooked Smoked Bratwurst and Red Lager Beer Bratwurst. These brats are perfect for those last minute get togethers or Wisconsin’s favorite tailgate parties. Bratwurst are made with lean beef and pork and taste great when they are made on the grill.


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