National Nutrition Month in March- Celebrate with Healthy Wisconsin Food

National Nutrition Month is celebrated every March, but you probably don’t think of Wisconsin food when you think of nutrition. Sure, Wisconsin is famous for cheese and bratwurst, but did know Wisconsin produces about 5% of the USA’s cherry crop every year? Cherries get an A+ in nutrition, because according to the Wisconsin Cherry Growers Association, eating cherries can decrease risk factors for heart  disease and lower body fat and cholesterol.

Door County cherries have a tart flavor that makes them a healthy snack to enjoy right out a bowl. If you aren’t close enough to Door County to get the fresh cherries, shop online for dried cherries from Door County.  Select the “no sugar” added variety to keep your calories in check. Sprinkle the dried cherries on top of a salad for a tart flavor burst, or chop a few and mix them with a quinoa or couscous salad to these super grains an even bigger nutrition boost. There are plenty of delicious ways to enjoy dried Wisconsin cherries, so make every month National Nutrition Month!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy dried  cherries?


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