L is for Landjager: A Meaty Snack for the Outdoorsman

landjagerLandjager is a dried sausage that is perfect for outdoor activities like hunting and hiking since it doesn’t require refrigeration. It comes in pairs attached at the top, and has distinctive flattened edges. The sausages have a hickory smoked flavor and snap when you bite in to it. If you like pepper, try pfefferjager: a type of landjager with a peppery bite.

Bavaria Sausage Kitchen of Madison, Wisconsin makes some of the best landjager around. Their store is an adorable German-style chalet which looks as authentic as their sausages taste. They also make authentic German bratwurst, summer sausage, weisswurst, and other tasty Wisconsin treats.

Landjager Tips

  • Since Landjager doesn’t need refrigerated, it’s a good option to send as a military gift to APO/FPO addresses.
  • Landjager should be stored in a dry place. The artisans at Bavaria Sausage Kitchen recommend storing in a ventilated plastic bag or even on a hanger.
  • Your landjager will only get better with age. If you see some white mold develop on the outside, don’t throw your landjager away, just wipe the mold off before enjoying. It’s kind of gross I know, but this is man food we’re talking about!

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