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Wisconsin Food Information:

Why is Wisconsin food so special?

Wisconsin is known nationally for its delicious food. Whether it be our Wisconsin cheese and dairy products or our gourmet meat and savory bratwurst along with our cherries and cranberries we have hundreds of tasty treats to choose from.

Wisconsin cheese is legendary all over the USA and the world, but what makes Wisconsin cheese so much better than other cheese? Part of the secret is in the grass; Wisconsin’s grass is less acidic than grass in other states, which gives the cheese more subtle flavor. When immigrants came to Wisconsin from Europe, the landscape of gently rolling hills reminded them of Europe, and they quickly recognized the perfect place to raise cattle to produce milk for cheese. In fact, Wisconsin is the only place outside of Europe to have a Master Cheesemaker program.

Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers must study for several years at the University of Wisconsin in order to earn this prestigious title. There are only 44 Master Cheesemakers in the state, but several of them sell their cheese online at Wisconsinmade.com so the rest of the USA can taste their original cheese creations. Here are some of the Master Cheesemakers who make cheese that can ship nationwide:

Sid Cook at Carr Valley Cheese Sid has over 15 years of advanced cheesemaking experience and his family has been making cheese for over 100 years. He has created several cheese varieties including Cocoa Cardona - a unique cheese with cocoa powder on the outside.

Steve Stettler at Decatur Dairy.- Steve is an expert in Brick, Havarti, Muenster and Farmer’s cheese varieties. Decatur Dairy took first place honors for their Havarti at the 2011 US Championship Cheese Contest.

Tom Torkelson at Pasture Pride CheeseTom is specializes in Muenster, Brick, and a tasty baked cheese called Juusto. Juusto is available in Italian, chipotle, and jalapeno flavors.

Gary Grossen at Babcock Hall DairyGary has won many awards for his cheeses. He is currently a master in Muenster, Brick, and Cheddar and hopes to add Gouda and Havarti to the list.

This information and more can be found on the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board website, and cheese from these Master Cheesemakers and other stellar Wisconsin cheesemakers are available at Wisconsinmade.com

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